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The Challenge

The customer had special requirements for the quality of the sub-components they used for the production of their dining tables and sideboards, as they have been responsible for the production of these themselves for many years. GTS was given the task of helping to get the production of the sub-components outsourced without compromising on quality and delivery reliability.

The Solution

This challenge placed special demands on the factories involved in delivering the sub-components to the customer.

Firstly, it was important that the factories had a good and stable raw material supply and their own sorting of the raw material, where the wood was sorted by colour, structure and dimension.

Next, it was important that the production technology at the factories made it possible to make the sub-components in the same high quality as the customer expected. Before starting the actual production, we reviewed the quality of the individual sub-components with the customer and the final price could then be settled.

The Impact

The Impact

The customer was able to shut down their own raw material processing factory and at the same time get significantly better utilisation of their own production capacity. The customer was able to meet market demand for their finished products with a set price and lead time without having to worry about the raw material supply, wood quality and own production capacity.

Gunnar T. Strøm has, for a number of years, delivered the sub-components to the customer's complete satisfaction. 

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