Our Vision

Who We Are

Gunnar T. Strøm believes only in meaningful and long-term connections with our partners. We believe in fundamental honesty, absolute transparency, and the classic comprehensive hard work. 

We are a knowledge bank, consisting of 60+ years of experience in wood and wood processing. When entering into a partnership with us, our extensive understanding of wood will be at your disposal to ensure the optimal outcome of your vision.

When working on a project together, we will learn from each other, grow together, and thrive together — but most importantly, we will lay the foundation for a long-lasting partnership.

Why is this key? At Gunnar T. Strøm, we believe that well-built, well-maintained partnerships are the secret to success. When you succeed, we succeed.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

We believe in well-crafted, specially-adapted and unique designs, combined with long-lasting and sustainable quality. But above all, we believe in finding the right solution for our partners.

Our History

Gunnar T. Strøm was founded by a Norwegian ship magnate, who transported logs and timber from Asia and Africa to Europe for further processing, and was born from a deep adoration for wood.

Throughout the years, Gunnar T. Strøm has changed its services to match the demand of the market. A lot has changed since the early days — but we are still just as nerdy and fascinated by the material wood.

Start working with us today

Start working with us today

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